Sonata Bylaitė

The creation of collections of the most important for me is the final result – an event where the clothes and jewelry presented to viewers. This is already set: the dress, makeup, hairstyles, music, environment, details of the style. Thus, a collection consists of many components. And yet – the main focus is on the clothes, the structure, composition, color search, the harmony of line and form. I like surprising solutions, experiments, constant innovation and distinctive style of search.

I am a fashion designer, graduated from the costume and fashion design studies at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. From the study years I am actively involved in the fashion life. I have presented my collections not only in Lithuanian festivals and projects, but also in the foreign competitions (Paris, Luxembourg, Gorizia, Kiev, Kaliningrad, Riga). I am a regular participant of the “Fashion Infection” festival. Not once worked as a stylist in the television projects. Creative forces I have tried as a costume designer in cinema.

I do not limit myself just designing clothes. My new passion – jewelry. Each period requires a distinctive preparation, forms of expression and material texture. Starting with embroidery beads, the necklaces, I have tried leather and textile. Now, I have discovered the means of personal expression and style. This is a play on the line and form: the harmony of wire and stones are simply enchanting. Each jewelry – a small object, living their lives, regardless of context, with its own line of rotation rate, graphic, shape, and color solution. It is like a kind of character. Sometimes jewelry can be seen as separate aspects of nature, but with a space for owner or an observer to see and to specify what he himself is the closest.

The creation of earrings, it is a surprise, lines, rhythm, harmony, emotion and a smile, therefore jewelry are playful and often asymmetrical. Their basic material – wire of different thickness (mostly stainless steel and silver), combined with natural stones, Swarovski crystals and various details. I let wire sponges just as I feel at the time. Each work is unique. I do not draw sketches, so every time I launch a piece of jewelry, I do not know what history I will tell or what character creation. In this way remains a mystery and a surprise piece for me…