Other work


Costume designer in feature-length movie „5 day scam“, 2008.

web: www.5dayscam.com


Stylist work in TV shows and series, concerts; image creation for stage performers, actors and show hosts.

TV music project “Žvaigždžių vartai” 2008m;

TV project “Ledo žvaigždės” 2007m;

TV show “Lietuvos garbė” 2007m;

TV show “TV sezono atidarymas” 2007m;

TV show “Super 5“ 2007m;

TV show “Ačiū, Dievui atėjai” 2007m;

TV series „Kartu“ 2001m;

TV series „Gedimino 11“ 2001m;

TV talk show “Korida” 2001m;

TV series “Sniego skonis” 2001m.